What Is A Referral?

What Is A Referral?

A referral occurs when you attempt to insure a shipment and the details for that shipment do not match the coverage provided outlined in your insurance policy. The insurance representative must then review some aspects of the shipment before confirming and booking the shipment or declaration.

What is an OFAC Referred Shipment?

A regular shipment referral is to be differentiated from an OFAC referred shipment, which indicates that your shipment does not respect the US trade sanctions indicated by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. If a shipment is booked with OFAC restrictions, the shipment status will change to "OFAC Referred".

Procedure for Referred Shipments

When your shipment is referred, an email notification is sent to the insurance representative who then decides whether to approve your shipment, approve your shipment, subject to a specific rate and/or deductible and/or extra insuring conditions or they may reject your shipment. You will be notified of the insurance representative's decision by email.

The response time may vary, generally coming within 1 to 2 business days. You may contact your Insurance Representative to request a status on the shipment if it is an urgent situation.

A referral has a shipment number that is also recognized as a certificate number once the insurance representative confirms and books the shipment.

The following is an example a referral notification:

How to Verify the Status of a Referral within the Genoa Insurance application

To verify the status of a referral you must search for the referred shipment under the Shipments and Query/List menus, making sure to select Referred from the Status section of the Shipment Search Criteria.

The Shipment Search Results will appear with a list of referred shipments. Select the referred shipment in question.

The Shipment Detail Information window will appear. The referral reason and status are displayed at the top of the window in the Status section in yellow.