How to logging into the system

Step 1: Entering Login Details

  • Once your account has been created in the Online Insurance Application you will be assigned a user ID and password. All system passwords are sent to you from Please note that system generated passwords are case sensitive. If you copy and paste the password, please do not copy extra spaces or the password will be invalid.
  • Enter your user ID and password and the system will verify if it is a correct match.

Step 2: Changing Password

  • The Change Password screen will appear. The old password is the password that you just received from
  • The new password has to be a password that you never used before and it must have a minimum of 6 characters. It can also have a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Once you selected your new password you must re-confirm it. Please note again that the password is case sensitive.
  • Click on the Change Password button. The system will verify if the password has been used before or if the password was entered incorrectly.

Step 3: Selecting a Secret Question

  • The Secret Question screen will appear. For more information regarding the secret question feature, please select the "What is a Secret Question?" hyperlink.
  • To close the window and return to the secret question screen, click on the Close Window hyperlink.
  • Please enter the current password which is the new password you created in the previous step.
  • You have a choice to select a secret question from the drop down, or enter a secret question of your choice.
  • Enter your answer in the Answer field and confirm it in the Confirm Answer field.
  • Select "Submit", The system will confirm that your secret question has been updated.

*Accepting the Terms of Agreement

  • If it is the first time you are accessing the application, you will be prompted to accept the term of agreement.
  • You will now be logged in securely to the Online Insurance Application.